Sunday, January 31, 2016


This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
January 31,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube & image by Rebecca Sinz.
I am using her tube Ghost.

VM Natural: Speed
Xero Mistifier
 Xero: Radiance]
EyeCandy4000: Glass
AAA Frames: Foto Frame

Open up your tube & image of choice.
Open up a new image that is the same
size of your tube of choice.

Copy & paste the picture of your tube as a new layer
onto the image for your tag.
Copy the tube layer & paste as a new layer above
the tube picture. Hopefully it pastes directly above
the picture. Duplicate the tube once so you have two layers
of the tube.

On the top tube layer, grab your selection tool
& make sure it is set to rectangle & Add(Shift).
While holding down the shift button, draw out 
around an interesting part of the tube. I started with
the eyes of the tube. Once selected, draw out
around two more areas as well.

Go to the selection menu & click invert.
Press delete on your keyboard. This should leave you with
just the selected areas & the rest of the tube deleted.
Select none.

Now, select the tube layer below on your layers palette.
Apply the plugin VM Natural: Speed
with default settings.Apply the plugin
 Xero: Mistifier twice with default settings.
After doing the Misftifier twice, go to 
Adjust: Blur : Gauassian Blur 3.00.
Lastly, apply the plugin Xero: Radiance
with default settings.

Change the blend mode to screen on the layer.
Lower the opacity to 85% or a desired number.

Back to the top tube layer.
We're going to use the plugin 
EyeCandy4000: Glass. The settings I used are below 
in the screenshot.

Merge layers visible.
Time for the last plugin.
This time we are using AAA Frames:
Foto Frame. Change the width to 8 or 
to a number that looks good on your tag for the frame.

Add copyright information & name to your tag.

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