Friday, February 27, 2015

Lonely Mori Girl

CT tag featuring the beautiful PTU art of Ana Neves & 
the darkly beauitful PTU Ib Scrap Ana Neves 8-1 by Rebel Dezigns.
You can find both at CDO for purchase. I love the dark colors of both and the 
emotion of the tube, which the scrap compliments just perfectly.

Dreamboat Annie

CT tag featuring the beautiful PTU scrap Dreamboat Annie by Hungry Hill. This scrap is a wonderful mix of feminine and vintage type elements.I love the softer colors - lots of soft pinks and creams, with touches of browns as well. The colors & elements really create a feminine vintage feel.
You can purchase the scrap at CDO.

Mary Mary

CT tags featuring the wonderful PTU scrap Mary Mary by Hungry Hill. This is a spring themed scrapkit and filled with lots of elements to help you celebrate spring - or maybe to remember spring if you are not enjoying it yet. The scrap will remind you of the nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite Contrary.You can purchase it at CDO.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


 CT tags & wallpaper featuring the beautiful PTU Gabrielle art by Spazz
& the matching PTU Gabrielle scrap by Foxy's Designz. Both are available 
at the Spazz store. This tube comes with 12 different outfit layer colors. 
That is a lot of versatility to use her! Plus she is just gorgeous!

The Wallpaper is 1600x900 in size. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lucky Shimmer

CT tag featuring a PTU Irish beauty by Pinuptoons along with a PTU scrap Lucky Shimmer by Honored Scraps. The scrap is perfect for celebrating St. Patty's Day in your digital decorating and tags. It is filled with lots of gold and greens in colors and elements. You can find the tube and scrap available at CDO for purchase.

Sunny Beauty

CT tag featuring the beautiful PTU art of Mike Denning. I really love his artwork. There is such a beauty to the women he draws. You can find his tubes at Mystical Scraps.
The tube I am using is called Sunny.

I also used a PTU scrap by AmyMarie called Cynthia. It has touches of girly and elegant in it.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


CT tags featuring a fabulous PTU tube Silvi by Tunchy, which is available at Mystical Scraps. This tube is perfect for party, music, and attitude theme tags. The tube comes in 6 different colors for lots of variety. Doesn't this girl just look like she is ready to dance & party?

Dainty In Yellow

CT tag featuring the wonderful PTU art of Ishika Chowdhury. Her artwork has a delicateness to it and the women are very pretty. You can find her tubes for purchase at Mystical Scraps.

I also used a PTU scrap called Welcomed by Amymarie, available here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Night Whispers

CT tag featuring a wonderfully gothic PTU art by Gary Rudisill. I  paired this beauty with a matching PTU scrap called Whispers by Melliebeans. You can find both available at Mystical Scraps.  She is embracing the night and the dreams and music it may hold for her. Can you hear the whispers of the music at night?

Butterfly Darkness Silence

CT tag featuring the beautiful PTU art of Enys Guerrero. This butterfly beauty is paired with a PTU IB scrap Enys Guerrero 18-1 by Honored Scraps.This scrap is excellent for using with the tube. It really helps create a dark fantasy realm for the artwork. You can find both available at
CDO for purchase.

Spazz Jessica Bonus Tube

Spazz has a wonderful new bonus tube available called Jessica. You can get this beauty by purchasing $10 in the store. She is very cute isn't she? She comes with different hair colors and two different teddy bear colors.

              With the tube, I also used the scrap & Mondays by Hungry Hill, which is available here.

                                  For this tag, I used the scrap Polar Love by AmyMarie.
Here are the two scrap previews

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spazz Lydia

CT tags featuring the wonderful PTU art of Spazz, named Lydia. I am pairing this beauty with the PTU scrap Lydia by Ginnibug Designs. The scrap is also available at Spazz's store. The tube & scrap have a lot of variety in the type of tags you can make. I did a St. Patty's tag & a country theme one.

Safari Elephant

CT tag featuring the fabulous art of Tunchy art, available at Mystical Scraps. We like elephants in our house so I had fun with this one. A few years ago we were at San Diego Safari Park and our youngest, a toddler at the time, couldn't wait to see the elephants. He even pushed mom & dad out of the way lol. Anyways, I also used a scrap by Soxsational Scraps.I'm not sure if its available still or not anywhere but she has lots of wonderful kits.

Abel Bundle Pack 51

CT tags featuring the PTU attitude art of Martin Abel. I am using the Scrap tube bundle 51 featuring Abel's art & a matching scrap by Honored Scraps. The scrap compliments the tubes just wonderfully. You really can create some awesome attitude tags with the scrap. You can purchase the bundle at CDO. Have fun!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Silence Of The Ocean

New CT tag featuring the beautiful PTU art of Robin McQuay, which can be purchased at Digital Chaos.I love how she brings emotions and beauty in her artwork. 
In this one, she is enjoying the quiet silence of the ocean. 
It is calming to her spirit.

Nature's Blur

Nature's Blur

This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
February 21,2015
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Enys Guerrero
This tube is available at

VM Stylize - Square Blur
Eye Candy4000 Gradient glow

Open a 700x700 new image.
Open a tube & an image of choice
as a new layer.

Copy and paste the image as
a new layer.
Select your rectangle preset shape tool.
Width set to 8.00
On the materials palette, X out or hide the
fill color option.
For stroke, choose a color from your image.

Draw out a square shape the size of
your image. Convert to raster.
Duplicate the image layer once.
Hide the original image layer for now.

On the image copy layer,apply the
plugin VM Stylize - Square Blur
default settings.

Now on the square shape layer you
made earlier, click inside the shape
with your magic wand tool.
Back to the square blur layer,
selections - invert & press delete
on the keyboard.

Paste your tube between the blur
& shape layers. Press delete again.
Select none.

This should erase any parts of the layers
beyond the shape layer.
Add a drop shadow to the shape & tube layers. 2,2,5,5 black. 
Reselect the square blur layer. Lower the opacity on this layer to 66.

Crop your tag to desired size. Add artist copyright
information & name to the tag.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Friday, February 20, 2015

No Love Here

CT tag & wallpapers featuring the fabulous art of Anna Marine. The tube I am using is her current bonus tube. It is available with a $10 purchase of her psp tubes. I am pairing her with an awesome IB scrap Anna Marine February 2015 Bonus Tube by Foxy's Designz. The scrap is the perfect setting for the bonus tube. Perfect for those anti-love days or moods. Both can be found at CDO.
To save the wallpapers, click on the download links below each.

Wallpaper 1920x1080

Wallpaper 1600x900