Sunday, May 31, 2015

Strawberry Kisses

CT tag featuring the adorable PTU scrap Strawberry Kisses by Wicked Princess Scraps. The tube I am using is included in the scrap itself. This scrap is perfect for spring and summer. With warm weather, we can enjoy picnics and strawberries come into season. Yummy, juicy and sweet strawberries. Can't you just smell and taste them now? 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Middleton Graduation

3 new CT tags featuring the adorable animals of Karen Middleton and the matching scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs. You can purchase both in the Karen Middleton bundle 122 at CDO. My own daughter is graduating 8th grade next month. She really wanted me to tag these tubes so I thought I would. She is looking forward to high school come August. I know a lot of kids and families are 
gearing up for graduations and this bundle is a perfect way to celebrate with your digital designs.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wise Person

I made this tonight & wanted to share. Crows have always been special to me and a few close friends in my life. It is too difficult to explain as to why. Anyways, I decided to feature the tube The White Crow by Helena Reis tonight, which is available at Digital Chaos. Knowing these birds have a wisdom, I paired it with the scrap None The Wiser by Dees'SIGN Depot. The scrap has lots of wisdom and thought provoking elements that you would expect. I know we all have times where we contemplate our thoughts or past actions and experiences.What wisdom could our animal friends impart on us if were willing to listen?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lovely Spring

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Anna Liwanag and the wonderful scrap Lovely Spring by Rebel Dezigns. This is a scrap that embraces spring and vintage elements together. Just picture yourself in a garden on a spring day. Place the garden behind an old Victorian house; filled with trinkets among the flowers. Can't you just smell the flowers? I would love to sit on the bicycle and enjoy listening to the birds. Come experience a spring garden at CDO.

Painted Watercolors

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of Molly Harrison & a wonderful IB Scrap Molly Harrison April 2015 Bonus by Rebel Dezigns. The colors and elements of the scrap are perfect for the tube. They help create a fantasy scene with watercolor colors as well.The fairy comes alive 
in her world with the paint of the artist.The artist has given her treasures to enjoy of the world.
Come explore CDO with her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


CT tags featuring the gothic scrap Betrayed by Honored Scraps.It s a mix of the black and red colors and has a darker theme to it. It hurts when one is betrayed in life, and scars often remain from it. While it can be a dark period at the time, we will move on in life. You can find this kit at CDO.

American Pastime

Today I did a layout featuring two photos of my son playing baseball. I used a wonderful scrap by S.G. Rowe Designs called Some Gave All. It is patriotic theme and red,white & blue. You can find it in tagger & full size at Treasured Scraps. It is perfect scrap to honor soldiers or 
remember patriotic holidays. As my son is playing for the Nationals in Babe Ruth, I thought
I would feature his photos.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Clean As A Whistle

Most of us hate to clean the house. It is seen as a chore, but is a necessary part of keeping our homes clean. Mopping, washing the dishes, vacuuming, laundry, the list never seems to end. Having three kids myself it really never seems to end. We get the house clean one day and it is destroyed the next day. Today we are letting our inner housewife or man out in our graphics. Maybe they will clean our computers and blogs up a bit while they visit? Come find your cleaning items at CDO with
this kit by Monti called Clean As A Whistle.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Steampunk Wallpaper

While playing tonight, I made a steampunk wallpaper.Normally, steampunk isn't my thing but I had been wanting to use the scrap, and the tube matches just wonderfully. I am using a tube by Norella called Christabel and a wonderful scrap called Inspired By Time by Dees'SIGN Depot.The scrap truly captures the machine aspect of Steampunk. If you are a lover of steampunk, I highly recommend both the tube and scrapkit. Funny thing, I am reading a book series now called The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Prince. The enemy of the book is building clockwork creatures. It seems reading the book has overlapped into my creating a bit. The wallpapr is 1920x1080 and can be downloaded here. Enjoy!


New CT tag featuring art by Melissa Dawn, Photo by Dan Richards and a wonderful scrap called Daydreamer by Hungry Hill. Together, I have created a magical place for the fairy to dream her day away. It is hard not to dream a bit in the santuary and calming colors of the scrapkit.After a stressful week or day, spend some time here and rejuvenate yourself. Losing focus on a tough task?
Perhaps you can center yourself and find your focus again. Remind yourself 
of why you need to finish the task or of the dream that you wish to achieve.
Find your sanctuary at CDO.

Acoustic Beauty

CT tag featuring a gorgeous pinup beauty, Acoustic Beauty, by Justice Howard. I love the softness of her colors in contrast to the guitar. She is waiting for an audience among fairies before she starts playing her music. The fantasy realm loves to listen to her play. You can discover her music at Mystical Scraps.

Spazz Amy

CT tags featuring the beautiful tube Amy by Spazz. This beauty comes in 6 different dress colors and there are variety of hair color options as well. She is elegant in the long dress and has a touch of sexiness to her as well with the dress being up slightly in the front. You can find her at Spazz's store. I am featuring two dress color layers and have done two different tags. As you can see, the 
tube can easily be used in a variety of tag styles.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pinuptoons Bundle 216

CT tags featuring the adorable & sweet art of Pinuptoons and a wonderful scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs. I am using the CDO bundle which includes the tubes and scrap. The tubes are very sweet and the scrap compliments them just perfectly. You can definitely create a variety of tags with both. I am featuring each of the tubes on three separate tags.  Come indulge your cute & sweet side at CDO.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Romantic Dreams

New wallpaper with the wonderful scrapkit Romantic Reminiscence by Wicked Princess Scraps. I couldn't resist playing with this scrap again. This time I created room for our lady to dream of romance to come. She is dreaming of a special someone to bring romance into her life..or is she dreaming of their next encounter? I love the colors and elements in the scrap and enjoy playing with it. Definitely one to use again and again. I made a wallpaper which is available in two sizes.

1920x1080 here
1600x900 here

Sweet In Red

New CT tag featuring the adorably sexy May Bonus tube of Pinuptoons. I am letting this beauty indulge herself in a wonderful matching IB Scrap Pinuptoons May 2015 Bonus by Foxy's Designz. This scrap is just perfect for the tube. She has dressed up for a night out and is awaiting her date. 
Or perhaps it is a romantic night in with her special someone??  She is very sweet but has 
a red hot side as well. Which side should she indulge tonight??
Find out at CDO.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Rebecca Sinz. The tube I am using was purchased at Dreamscape. You can now find it at Digital Chaos. I paired this lovely family with a wonderful earthy & vintagey scrap called Romantic Reminiscence by Wicked Princess Scraps; and you can purchase it here. I love the colors of the scrap and the wonderful elements. You can really create such a scene and vintage feel with it. The new parents are making their own memories with their new baby. What memories would you create?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Typos Typewriter

I had fun today with the May Cuddly Rigor Mortis Bonus tube and the matching IB Scrap Cuddly Rigor Mortis May 2015 Bonus by Rebel Dezigns. The scrap compliments this adorably funny tube just perfectly. I'm sure all of us have felt like taking the axe to our computers and other electrical devices more than once lol. Or gotten frustrated with making typos when we are trying to type correctly. Sometimes the keyboards are too small for the hands as my husband would say lol.
Express your frustrations with typos at CDO
I also have a wallpaper in three different 
sizes for snagging.
Wallpaper 1 1920x1080 here
Wallpaper 2 1920x1200 here
Wallpaper 1600x900 here

Friday, May 15, 2015

Rub A Dub

CT tag featuring the gorgeous pinup art of Amy Matthews and a cute IB scrap Amy Matthews 7-2 by Monti's Scraps. The sexy girl is getting all cleaned up in a bath. Perhaps getting ready for a date or an evening out with a special someone? Or possibly cleaning up after a very long day. Can't you just smell the soap and feel the bubble bath? Indulge yourself in a bath at CDO.

Sapphire Dreams

CT tag featuring a wonderfully elegant scrap called Sapphire Dreams by Honored Scraps. The scrap has an elegant nighttime city feel to it with touches of fantasy. Just imagine the nights one could have in this scrap. You can start your night dream at CDO.

side note: the tube is not available at CDO.

Timeless Wallpaper

New wallpaper featuring pinup art of Robert Alvarado and a wonderful scrap called Time Is Beautiful by Foxy's Designz. The scrap is a mix of blacks, whites and yellows in colors.  I thought it was the perfect way to showcase the classic pinups of Robert Alvarado. After all, they do have a timeless beauty to them I think. You can find your own beauty and time at CDO.
The wallpaper is 1920x1080 and can be found here.