Wednesday, September 30, 2015

World Of Darkness

CT tag featuring art by Amy Brown
IB Amy Brown 77-1 Scrap by Honored Scraps.
A gothic angel is ready for the darkside of
Halloween. Her wings are tattered 
and stained with the darkness of her past.

Dark Secrets

New CT tag featuring art by Anna Marine and a
matching IB Anna Marine 41-3 Scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs.
The zombie girl is ready to show her hand of cards. Will she
win this round? Has she set the mood to bewitch her fellow 
card players? I wouldn't be so quick to drink from
her bottles. One should be cautious around her.
If you pass out, she may decide to have a snack.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sans Vous

Today I have a wallpaper featuring art by TheVintageAngel™ 
& the wonderful Sans Vous scrap by Dees'SIGN Depot.
The scrap is about relationships, loss and love.
Something we have all experienced in our lives.
How does
one move on when the emotion consumes them?
The wallpaper is 1920x1080 & available here.


This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
September 29,2015
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using tubes by The Vintage Angel™
This tube is available at

Mask: Moonbeams & Spiderwebs 75.
Mura's Meisters Copies
Xero Porcelain

Open a tube of choice.
Open a new transparent image 700x700.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer.
Apply the filter Mura's Meisters Copies-
wallpaper Default settings.

Apply the mask Moonbeams & Spiderwebs 75.
Merge group.
Adjust - blur - Gaussian blur 8.00
Paste your tube again as a new layer.
Resize the tube 93% if needed.

Select a font of choice.
On your materials palette, choose
a darker color from your tube for the
fill color box.

Type out a single word of choice
that fits your tag. I am using
the word moonlight. I kept mine
lowercase but that is optional.
Convert to raster. Position the word layer
underneath your tube layer & above the
mask layer.

Back to the filter Mura's Meisters Copies.
Choose the option tiling. Make sure the
tile gap is set to 2.

Select your mask layer.
Select all - float - defloat.
Now select the tiled word layer-
selections invert & select none.
This should make it so the words
are now only on the mask area.

On your tube, apply the filter
Xero Porcelain.
Softness 79
Strength & Brightness 128

Merge layers visible.
Crop your tag to the desired size.
Add artist copyright information & a name
to the tag. Save as a png. Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Lady Dragus

New gust CT tag featuring art by Karen Koski of MTA &
a magical Lady Dragus scrap by Wicked Princess.
The scrap will transport you to a land  of 
castles,fantasy, and knights.
A time when magic was everywhere; when
myth and spells were normal.

Smell The Roses

CT tag featuring the September 2015 Bonus tube of Kurama Phoenix  &
the wonderful matching IB Kurama Phoenix September 2015 scrap by Chichi Designz.
There are only a couple more days to get this wonderful bonus.
You can create quite a setting for her to enjoy her luxurious bath.
The light coming in from the window, a glass of wine,
flowers all around and a candle burning. 
That definitely sounds luxurious and relaxing.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wild Calmess

This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
September 27,2015
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using tubes by Sandi Baker.
The tubes are available at
Digital Art Heaven.

Open up your tubes of choice
& a color palette you have
chosen. The palette I chose was part
of a tag challenge in a group.
Open a transparent new image -

Using your preset shape tool,
select the rectangle shape.
On the mode in your psp toolbar,
make sure it is set to the rectangle shape.

On your materials palette,
set both colors to white.
Draw out a vertical rectangle
to a desired size. Convert
the layer to raster.

Now duplicate this layer
 three more times for
a total of 4 layers. Move each
layer over to the side so the
rectangles appear lined up
by one another.You only want a small
amount of space between each shape.

Select a rectangle to start with on your layers palette.
It doesn't matter which one.Select
this shape with your magic wand tool.

On your materials palette, select
the foreground/stroke & choose
a color from the color palette.
Fill the rectangle with it.

Choose a tube of choice. Resize if needed.
For the tubes I used, I resized each
one 65%. Copy the tube & paste
as a new layer. Position as wanted
on your selected rectangle.
Selections -invert & press delete.
Select none.

On the tube, set the blend mode to luminance
& then lower the opacity of the tube to 27 or
a number of choice. Merge the layers of that
rectangle together. 

Next repeat with each of the other three layers.
Make sure each layer is a different color from the
palette & a different tube is used as well.

Once done with the rectangle layers, merge together.
Duplicate once. On the original layer, Adjust - Blur -
Gaussian blur 4.00.
On the copy layer, resize this layer 97%.

Select your font tool and a font of choice.
I used the color black for my text but this
can change as needed.
Type out text of choice for your tag.
I positioned text at the top & the bottom
part of my tag. Make sure you convert
text to raster after you type & adjust the text.

Merge all layers together & crop as needed.
Add artist copyright and name to the tag.
Save as png. Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Wonders Of Darkness

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of Joan Pelaez &
a matching IB Joan Pelaez 50-2 Scrap by Honored Scraps.
The perfect setting for this vampire to rest before
her next hunt. Is she done feeding for tonight?
Or shall she find another being to bite?

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Elias Chatzoudis at CDO

The talented artist Elias Chatzoudis  now has exclusive tubes available at CDO!!
I am featuring each of the new tubes & the matching IB scraps that were done for
each tube. The Ib scraps were done by Hungry Hill, Ladyhawwk Designs, and
Rebel Dezigns .Aren't these just awesome tubes?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Painting Thanksgiving

New tag featuring the wonderful Give Thanks scrap by Dees'SIGN Depot.
With Canada celebrating their Thanksgiving next month,
and the States in November, I thought this would be 
a good time to tag it. I like to think she is painting 
the beautiful colors of autumn while sitting outside.
Possibly reflecting on what she is thankful for while painting.

Autumn Glory

CT tag featuring Art by Andreea Cernestean
Autumn Glory Scrap by Rebel Dezigns
Animation 38 from the
Rebel Dezigns Animation Pack 13
She embraces fall and decorates herself with elements of 
the season. The colors and smells surround her and
delight her.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Taco Stand

New CT tag featuring art by Cuddly Rigor Mortis; with her 
September bonus tube. You can find more art by her &
details about the Bonus at CDO. I have this lively taco & lime
in a Bonus IB Cuddly Rigor Mortis  September Bonus 2015 Scrap
by Foxy's Designz.  They are defintely ready for a Fiesta!
Isn't that how we all feel at the end of the week?
Their taco stand is ready & waiting to
to take your order during your fiesta.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Heart Girl

CT tag featuring the September 2015 Bonus tube of Sheena Pike.
You can find more of her art here. I am also using the 
Bonus IB Sheena Pike September Bonus 2015 Scrap by Foxy's Designz.
It is never too late to show how much you love someone.
We really should remind the people we love thorughout 
the year & not just one day year.
She wants to show how much she loves someone.

Tiara & Hearts

CT tags featuring the wonderful pinup art of Ishika Chowdhury,
available at Mystical Scraps.This beauty is dressed up in her hearts
dress. Maybe she will break some hearts today - or maybe win some 
hearts as well. Either way, she is sure to get noticed wherever
she is.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Keep Out

New CT tag featuring art by Amy Brown &
IB Amy Brown October 2013 Bonus Scrap by Babycakes.
The tube I am using is a past bonus tube of the artist.
The fairy and her ghost friends are
ready for Halloween. They have been decorating
& making the house friendly instead of scary.
They want trick or treaters to come 
for treats..or maybe tricks?

Monday, September 21, 2015

Neglect Time

New CT tag featuring a Steampunk Assassin by Rebecca Sinz.
I am also using elements of two scraps by Dees'SIGN Depot.
I am using the scraps Cimmerian Shade & Inspired by Time.
She is dressed for her steampunk adventure this evening.
For she has an assignment at the gathering..
one that shall never see her strike.

Poison Witch

New CT tag featuring art by Joan Pelaez
IB Joan Pelaez Bonus Tube October 2012 Scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs.
This witch is definitely up to wickedness.
With a sinster jack o' lantern scarecrow
peering over her shoulder, she shall
cast her spells tonight.
Beware of the evil she is brewing.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

CharityD Halloween Wallpaper

New CT wallpaper featuring the art of Charity Dauenhauer &
the bundle package of her art, which comes with a spooky 
scrap by Honored Scraps.
A perfect combination to digitally decorate your computer for Halloween.
The three ladies have decorated their home for
Halloween. Do you dare to approach it?
The wallpaper comes in two sizes
1920x1080 here
1366x768 here


Firefighters Day Timeline

New timeline set featuring the wonderful Burning Up scrap 
by Foxy's Designz, available at CDO.
This scrap is all about firefighters. My youngest loves the
show Paw Patrol. His favorite dog is Marshal, which is the fire truck dog.
I designed the timeline with him in mind.

Friday, September 18, 2015

So Many Spells

Today I have a timeline set featuring an adorable & magical witch by Enys Guerrero 
& IB Enys Guerrero 20-2 Scrap by Melliebeans
She is ready to cast some spells tonight.
Perhaps she is brewing up a fright or two for someone.
With the cauldron glowing green, I wouldn't
trust what she is brewing!
I have a set for the designer
& also a snag timeline as well.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Halloween Boo

Playing again with the Friends tube by Zindy &
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo scrap by Dees'SIGN Depot.
Zindy will be closing her store so be sure to 
check it out & pick up any you want.
She is a classic witch and is already
decorating for Halloween. All the neighborhood
kids know she will have the best treats and surprises.