Saturday, May 31, 2014

Heart Banner

Heart Banner

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
May 31,2014
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using a tube
by Agata Wiejak. It is a PTU tube found at

Mask VixMask 196 Here
Animation Shop

Open a 700x700 new image.
Fill this image with white.
Open up a tube of choice.

On your materials palette,
choose a color for each of the
of the color options.
I chose a lighter color for
stroke and a slightly darker
color for Fill.I used two
colors from my tube.

Select rectangle preset shape tool.
Set the width to 5.00.
Draw out a square to desired
size. Convert to raster.

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer.
Resize by 70%. Position in front
of the square.

Choose another color from your tube
for the heart shape.
Select a preset shape heart.

Draw out a heart shape of choice.
You want the heart slightly
smaller than the square.

Convert heart to raster.
Fill with color if needed.
Position this layer behind your

Now select the rectangle preset
shape. Choose a light color
for this layer - making sure it is the fill.
Make sure it is set to rectangle
on the shape & width set to zero.

Draw out a rectangle. You
want each end to slightly
hang off the square sides.
Convert to raster - and have this
layer between the heart & square.

Drop shadow the heart, rectangle
& tube layers.

Select your font tool.
Choose a font of choice
& a size you like. Choose a
darker color for the font.

Type out a single word of choice.
Convert to raster.

Apply the plugin Mura's Meister
Copies - Tiling. Change the tile gap
to 2 & apply. Move this layer to above
the square layer.

With your magic wand tool, click on
the square layer to select it.Then, in
your layer palette, make sure the text
layer is highlighted.
Selections - invert & press delete.
Select none.

Add a new layer above the white background.
Fill with a darker color of choice.
Apply the mask VixMask 196
Merge group.
Resize the mask 88%.

Crop image to desired size.
Add artist copyright to tag
along with name.

If you are not animating, you can
save the tag now. To animate,
continue on. Do make sure the artist
you are using allows animation of tubes.

Merge layers together except for your
tube. We're going to animate part of the
tube. Open Animation Shop (AS).

Back in PSP, take your freehand selection tool
& select around the banner, or part which you
want to animate of the tube. Copy this layer
which you selected.

Go to AS & paste as a new animation.
Still in AS, go to effects - Insert Image Effects
Choose effect wave define effect: length 2.0
Frames per second 4 fps
Click on customize -Choose horizontal

This should give you 9 frames total.
Go back to psp. Select none.
Copy merged.

Paste as a new animation in AS.
Duplicate by holding Ctrl  & repeatedly
pressing L to get the same number of frames.
Select all

Over to the animation now, select all & copy.
Edit Propagate Paste.
Now drag the animation over to the tag.
This should let you preview and decide
where to put the animation & line it up right.
Once you click it, it should apply to all
9 frames.

View animaton & if happy, save your tag.
My finished tag was only 2 frames but I still had

Thanks for trying my tutorial!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Alicia Mujica Malefica

CT tags featuring the PTU tube Malefica by Alicia Mujica. You can purchase this tube
at her store. It is such a dramatic and gothic tube which I love! Defintely one to own if you love
tubes like this.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mermaid Fairyland

CT tags featuring the PTU scrap Mermaid Fairyland by Amy Marie. This is a wonderful ocean & beach themed scrapkit available in the store. I love the colors found in the scrap.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coffee & Flowers

CT tags featuring PTU IB scrap Cliff Thomas 6-1 by Ladyhawwk Desgins. On the tags I also used the artwork of Cliff Thomas & Maryline Cazenave. You can find the wonderful tubes & the wonderful scrap at CDO. I love all the variety of elements in this scrapkit.It really is loaded with a lot of goodies to play with.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Black Widow

CT tags for PTU scrap Black Widow by Amy Marie. I love this scrap! The colors and gothic theme are just wonderful. It is loaded with lots of wonderful elements. You can purchase this scrap in her store.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Snow White Bad Girl

CT tag featuring the PTU art of Lea Barozzi and a matching PTU Wicked White kit by Foxy's Designz. Both are available at Digital Chaos. The tube and scrap are both full of attitude with a touch of goth & criminal. These were a lot of fun to use.

Dreams Blue Flowers

CT tag featuring the PTU art of Amy Brown & PTU IB Scrap Amy Brown 94-3 by Honored Scraps. Both the tube & scrap are available at CDO. This is such a pretty scrap & compliments the tube just wonderfully.


CT tags featuring the PTU scrap Avalon by Irish Princess Designs. This scrap is wonderful and filled with lots of elements for a fantasy & mythological theme.This scrap will be available soon at
Scrap Candy.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Evil Beauty

CT tag featuring the current Bonus tube by Arthur Crowe and the matching kit by Rissa's Designs. You can find both at Arthur Crowe's Factory. Both are a great mix of fantasy & gothic. Defintely worth checking out & picking up while it is available :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dark Love

CT tags featuring the PTU scrap Dark Love - a wonderful gothic love scrap. I love the feel,colors and elements of this scrap. It is easily a scrap which can be used in a variety of tags. You can purchase this scrap in Amy Marie's store.

Flowers Dark Moments

CT tag featuring PTU art by Robin McQuay. I am using the tube Black Tears which is available for purchase at Digital Chaos. I love this tube! There is a delicateness with her
and yet you know she has loved & has been hurt as well.

Sugar Cloud

CT tags featuring the wonderful PTU tube Sugar Cloud Lula by Alicia Mujica. This tube is part of a special edition 3 pack in her store.It is the Sugar Cloud pack. I just love them! Aren't they just the cutest??!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stand Still

CT tags featuring the beautiful PTU Scrap Stand Still by Amy Marie. I love the fantasy meets vintage feel of this scrapkit. You can purchase this scrap in her store.

Tropical Flower Beach

CT tag featuring art by Pinuptoons and a wonderful PTU scrap Hibiscus by TK Dezings. The scrap has a great beach, summery and tropical feel to it. You can purchase both at CDO.

Peace In Blue

CT tag featuring art by Rossana Castellino  and PTU IB scrap Rossana Castellino 2-3 by Foxy's Designz. This scrap is wonderful and compliments the tube just wonderfully. You can purchase both at CDO. We can certainly all use more peace in our lives and thoughts.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tropical Fairyland

CT tags featuring the PTU scrap Tropical Fairyland by Amy Marie. I love the summery, tropical and fun feel of this scrap. You can purchase the kit in her store.

Monday, May 19, 2014


CT tags featuring the PTU scrap Evermore by Honored Scraps. You can purchase this scrap at Treasured Scraps.I love the colors and elements in this scrap. It is really wonderful.

Rac Snuggle Me

CT tags featuring the 2013 Snuggle Me tube by Ismael Rac and the wonderful matching PTU scrap  2013 Snuggle Me by Rissa's Designs. Both can be purchased at the XeracX store. I love how well the scrap compliments the tube with colors & elements. You really do feel snuggly & pampered & girly with them.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Study In Purple

CT tag featuring PTU scrap Beauty Geek Babe by Irish Princess Designs. This scrap matches the Arthur Crowe tube of the same name and both can be found at his store. I really love the school feel of the kit - and it compliments the tube just perfectly.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Wicked Dreams

CT  tag for Foxy's Designz using the IB scrap Kurama Phoenix 4-2 & matching tube. You can purchase both at CDO.I love the fantasy & a bit gothy feel the kit & tube both have.