Saturday, January 16, 2016

Bubble Crack

This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
January 16,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Johnnie Grez.
This artist retired a long time ago &
his tubes are not available anymore.

MB & SW 17 by Moonbeams & Spiderwebs

 EyeCandy4000 Glass
 EyeCandy4000 Marble

Open a 700x700 new image.
Open a tube of choice.

On your Materials Palette,
select a main color from your tube
for the fill option. X out or hide the 
stroke color option for now.

Select your rectangle preset shape tool.
Make sure it is on the rectangle shape &
not the square shape.
Draw out a rectangle shape approximately
the same height or length of your tube.
For my tag, I did a vertical shape.
Convert the shape to raster.
Positin this layer behind your tube layer.

Back to your Materials Palette.
Choose a different color from your tube.
Now select the ellipse preset tool and make 
sure it is set to the circle preset.
Draw out a circle to desired size.
Convert to raster layter & duplicate once.
Position each circle as wanted on your tag.

Apply the EyeCandy4000 Glass plugin.
Settings are in the screenshot below.
Use a color of choice from your tube.
Once applied, go the blend mode for this layer
& set it to overlay or a blend of choice.

Selet the rectangle layer in your layer palette.
Select the plugin EyeCandy4000 Marble.
Change the Bedrock & Vein colors to colors
to fit your tag. I did the Bedrock color the same
color as my rectangle.Click okay once you are 
happy with how the marble looks.

Duplicate the rectangle marble layer. On the 
original layer, Adjust - Blur - Gauassian Blur 7.00.

Add a new raster layer above the background layer.
Fill with a black or dark color from your tag.
Apply the mask MB & SW 17. Merge group.
Resize this mask 93% & move up slightly if needed.

Making sure the top layer of your tag is selected,
choose your font tool. Select a font of choice &
colors on your material palette as well. Type out
word or words of choice. Positon as wanted on your tag.
I positioned mine at the bottom of my tag.
Convert to raster. 

Merge the layers of your tag.
Crop to desired size. Add artist copyright & name.
Save as png. 
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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