Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Empty Cupid

CT tag featuring the fantastic
art of Rebecca Sinz using her tube Empty.
As cupid, she has used her arrows up on 
humans. The chance at love has been
wasted time & again. She doesn't see 
the point of continuing her task.
It makes her sad that humans think
so little of love that we cast it aside.
Only if she starts to believe again
will her arrows once again refill.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Catching A Dream

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of 
Monte Moore using his July 2018 Bonus.
This beauty is available with a $10 purchase of his tubes.
I am also showcasing the Inspired by
Monte Moore July 2018 
Use the gears to make your dreams come true.
Rebuild your wings & yourself after you stumble.
But stand back up & keep chasing your dreams.

Sexy Geek

CT tag featuring the sexy pinup art of 
 Elias Chatzoudis using his tube 166-2.
I am also showcasing the school filled
scrap Sexy Geek by Tasha's Playground.
She shatters the belief that geek ladies
are suppose to be nerdy. She loves science
but embraces her sexiness as well. 
Just don't doubt her knowledge as she
will show you that she is correct.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Skellie Night

CT tag featuring the darkly wonderful
art of Creepie Cuties using her tube Flying Skellie.
I am also showcasing the magical scrap
Night Bird by Chaos Priestess.
They say the freaks come out at night.
Maybe they feel the most at home
under the moonlight. 


This tutorial was written
July 14, 2018
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Enamorte that was exclusive
to CDO Diamond Club.

Mask007 by JustFi
Both are available here for download &
are shared with permission from her.

Scrapkit: Inspired by Enamorte AOTM 2015  

Open up your template & tube.
Ctrl D with the template to duplicate it.
You can now hide the original template.
On the template, delete the info
& the white background layers. 

Now I like to work with a larger
area so I used Canvas Size & increased
my work space with the template to 700x700.

Select a paper of choice.Paste as a new a layer.
Position underneath the noisy template layer.
On the noisy layer, select all - float - defloat
& invert. Click back to the paper layer & press delete
on your keyboard. Select none.
On the noisy layer, change the blend mode to Overlay.

Using the same paper, paste again as a new layer. Position as
wanted over the Stripes layer. On the Stripes layer, select all - float - defloat
& invert. Click back to the paper layer & press delete
on your keyboard. Select none. Merge the two Stripes layers together.

Next, select the Outer Ellipse/Frame layer of the template.
Paste a different paper of choie as a new layer. With the Ellipse
layer, On the noisy layer, select all - float - defloat
& invert. Click back to the paper layer & press delete
on your keyboard. Select none. Merge the two ellipse layers together.

Paste your tube as a new layer under the Ellipse/Frame layer.
Resize if needed depending on the tube you are using.
Click inside the Ellipse layer using your Magic Wand tool.
While selected, go to Selections - Modify -Expand by 3.
Selections - Invert & click on the tube layer. Press delete & select none.

Right click on the tube layer & duplicate the tube once.
On the top layer, go to Adjust - Hue/Saturation. Set both values to 0
& click Ok. Change your blend mode to Overlay or one that fits your tag better.
On the original tube layer, lower the opacity on this layer to 65.

Add a drop shadow of choice to the layers we have worked with so far.

Now on to the letters of the template. This part will be a tad repetivite
as its best to do each letter one at a time. I tried merging them together
& found it didn't work as well. 

Okay select a paper of choice.  Select the letter D layer. Select all - Float &
Defloat. Selections - Invert. Paste your paper as a new layer. Press delete.
Select none. I changed the Blend Mode of the paper to Overlay on my tag.
Merge the paper letter layer with the original letter layer.If you want, you can
alternate between two papers for every other letter also.
Repeat the above steps for each letter of the wording.

Select a flower or element of choice from the scrap you are using.
I resized the one I used by 40%. Paste as a new layer & position to the bottom side of your word. Arrange this layer to the bottom layer of your tag.Duplicate the flower once & mirror.

Add a new raster layer on the bottom of your tag. Fill with a color from your tube.
Apply the mask JustFi_Mask007 or one of choice. Merge group.Duplicate the mask layer once & merge the two mask layers together.

Crop your tag to desired size. Add artist copyright information & name.
Save as png. Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Time's Beauty

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of 
Enys Guerrero using her 
July 2018 Bonus Tube. I am also
showcasing the Inspired By
Enys Guerrero July 2018
Scrap by Chaos Priestess. I am 
also using an animation by
Rebel Dezigns from Pack 108.
Time has taken a toll on her beauty.
She is not quite as porcelain as when
the beast fell in love with her. No,
time has tested her & she stands still.
There is a strength which shows its face
upon her skin now.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sweet Donut

CT tag featuring the whimsical art of 
Cuddly Rigor Mortis using her 
July 2018 Bonus Tube. This adorable
donut is available with a $10
purchase of her tubes during this month.
I am also showcasing the beautiful
Cuddly Rigor Mortis Bonus IB 
She is such a friendly little donut.
Are you sure you can take a bite?