Monday, June 18, 2018

Choose Love

CT tag featuring the stunning art of 
Andreea Cernestean using her June 
2018 Bonus Tube. She is available with
$10 purchase of her tubes. I am
also showcasing the Inspired By
You should always choose love when
presented it in its most purest form.
Love can mean different things to 
people - but when you find the love
that you have been waiting for - Choose it.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Beautiful Ivy

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of 
 Elias Chatzoudis using his June 2018 Bonus Tube.
She is available by spending $10 on his tubes.
I am also showcasing the Inspired By
Scrap to match by Ladyhawwk Designs.
Beware if you upset her plant friends.
You will unleash a fury unimaginable from her. 
She does not tolerate her plants being harmed.

Elegant Goth

CT tag featuring the art of Kreative Graphics
using the elegant tube Lucy.  She will work
wonderfully in an elegant feminine tag
as well as a darker gothic tag.
There is an inner strength which shows 
through her eyes & stance.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dream Wish Heart

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of
PinUp Toons using his CDO Diamond
Club Artist Of The Month Tube.
She is available to members of the Club
during this month. I am also 
showcasing the Inspired By Scrap
Listen to the dreams & wishes of your heart.
It is trying to whisper what your heart
& soul truly want & need. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Coded Dragon

This tutorial was written
June 10, 2018
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Sheena Pike.

Supplies Used: 
Mask35 by BrutalDesigns
Available here

Mura's Meister -Wallpaper Rotate
VM Experimental: Every Picture Tells A Story
dsb Flux - Blast
VM Natural: Speed
EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow

Open a 700x700 new image. I like a lot
of workspace when designing tags.
Choose a tube of choice. 

Copy & paste your tube as a new layer.
Duplicate the tube layer once & hide the copy layer
for now.

On the original tube layer, apply the plugin 
Mura's Meister -Wallpaper Rotate. I did the change the 
Number setting to 10 on mine but it is optional.

On your Materials palette, choose black
for the Foreground/Stroke color. Hide or 
X out the Background/Fill color.

Select your Preset shape tool. I chose the 
Rectangle one & am using the Square shape with it.
Width set to 5.00
Draw out your shape to desired size.
Convert the shape outline layer to raster.

Select your magic wand tool. Select inside the
shape layer. Selections - Modify -Expand by 2.
Selections Invert . On the layer palette, select the 
wallpaper tube layer. Press delete. Select none.

Now, unhide the Copy tube layer. Resize if desired.
I resized mine by 87% but it could vary depending on tube.
Select your Selection tool. Select the parts of the tube showing outside
of the shape layer & press delete. Select none or Ctrl D to remove the selection. I did choose to leave the top or head of the dragon as I wanted it to be coming out from the shape. Move the shape layer below this tube layer.

Duplicate the wallpaper tube layer.
On the copy layer, apply the plugin VM Experimental: Every Picture
Tells A Story -Default settings.

On the orignal Wallpaper tube layer, apply the plugin dsb Flux - Blast.
Make sure Percentage is selected & set the amount to 25. Direction Left.

Merge together the layers within your shape. Duplicate once.
On the original merged layer, apply the plugin VM Natural: Speed -Default settings.

Add two new layers below your previous layers.
Fill the top layer with a lighter color from your tube.
Fill the lower layer with black or a dark color from tube.
Apply mask of choice to each filled layer. I used Mask35 by BrutalDesigns.
Merge each group.  On the top or lighter color mask, resize this layer by 95%.

Select a font of choice to fit your tag. Type out 1-2 words. I am using the words
Coded Dragon for mine. Convert to Raster. Position this layer below the shape layers on your tag. I applied the plugin EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow - Fat with width 3.00. Add a drop shadow of choice to the tag.

Crop your tag to desired size. Add artist copyright
& name to your tag. Save as png. Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Aquamarine Mermaid

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of 
Rebecca Sinz using her tube
Turquoise Mermaid. I am also
showcasing the ocean filled scrap 
Aquamarine by Irish Princess Designs.
The beach has gone quiet from tourists.
Now is her chance to explore the 
shore & find hidden treasures.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Open Arms

CT timeline featuring the wonderful art
of Enamorte using her tube 60-2. 
I am also showcasing the wonderful
 IB Scrap Vintage Angel 10-2
by Honored Scraps. Live your
life with open arms. Welcome others
into your life & accept them for themselves.