Saturday, February 15, 2020


CT tag using the magical art of Stanley Morrison
using his February 2020 Bonus Tube.
This stunning dragon is available with a 
$10 purchase of his regular tubes.
I am also showcasing the wonderful IB
Stanley Morrison February 2020 
Scrap by Kizzed by Kelz.
Enjoy sipping your drink outdoors
alongside your winged friend. I 
can't promise he won't want a few
sips of your beverage though. Just hope he
doesn't decide to fly away with the whole drink.

Elephant Valentine

CT tag & wallpaper featuring the adorable art of 
Sheena Pike. I am using her February 2020
bonus tube which is available with a $10
purchase of her regular tubes this month.
I am also showcasing the oh so lovely
IB Sheena Pike February 2020
Scrap by Kizzed by Kelz.
The wallpaper is 1920x1080
& available for download here.
This sweet elephant has trunks of 
love to share with you. Her love
is as big as her size!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Sea Witch

CT tag featuring the stunning art of 
Rebecca Sinz using her tube Sea Witch.
Found in the shadows under the ocean,
she watches the colorful & happy fish.
Tales of mermaids splash amongst the 
fish. Kept away from her; warned by
the Sea King of her. Yet one day,
one shall get curious & will seek out
her gifts & abilities. Then, she will
show what she is truly capable of.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Enchanted Fruit

CT tag featuring the stunning art of 
Elena Dudina using her CDO Diamond 
Club AOTM Exclusive Tube. She is 
available to the Diamond Club 
members this month. I am also
showcasing the beautiful IB
Elena Dudina AOTM Scrap
by Ladyhawwk Designs. Does she
bite into the enchanted fruit?
Is the magic cast upon the fruit to
be trusted or be advised to be wary?
These questions are not easily answered
just by looking upon the fruit. The answer
lies with the caster of the magic & does
she trust the person. It may taste like heaven
but be careful you do not bite into hell.

Beauty Of Light & Shadow

CT tag featuring the magical art of 
Molly Harrison using her tube 136-3.
I am also showcasing the wonderful
IB Molly Harrison 136-3 Scrap
by Chaos Priestess. There is beauty
to be found in both the light &
the shadows. One cannot exist without
the other in the world or in a person.
Do not forget about one or you
risk losing part of yourself.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Paris Love

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of 
Barbara Jensen using her tube 
92-2 Special Delivery. I am using
the one with multiple layers.
I am also showcasing the wonderful
scrap Love In Paris by Karmalized.
Paris is the city known for lovers
& romance. Ahh the memories of 
a love gone & days spent in Paris.
A scent of a flower bring them 
forward in her memories. Briefly she 
wonders whatever happened the the 
young man who taught her love one summer.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sweet Sorrow

CT tag featuring the fantastic art
of Enys Guerrero using her tube 45-1.
I am also showcasing the wonderful 
scrap kit Sweet Sorrow by Karmalized.
Sorrow isn't something pretty & colorful.
Sadness & emotion can color your world
grey. Light can find it hard to break
through as can happiness.  Do not
abandon those whose worlds are
grey. Stay by them and give them support.
When they are ready to find light, they
will need your guidance to help them.