Saturday, January 31, 2015

Seattle Football

While I'm not a football fan myself (OH THE HORROR) I have plenty of friends who are. In particular, I have close friends who are Seattle Seahawks fans. This tag is for those ladies. I do have to say they are very devoted to their team. I always know when a game is on because I can almost follow the game by the Facebook posts lol. The tube does also come with a Patriots color layer as well.

Art by Freya Here
Football Nut: Seattle Scrap by Wicked Princess Here

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sinfully Yours

2 CT tags featuring the sexy PTU scrap Sinfully Yours by Hungry Hill. This scrap is very sexy and has a gambling theme also. Reminds me of a night at the casino and returning to your room after winning the jackpot.You can find the scrap available at CDO for purchase.

Friends Are Family Wallpapers

Today I am sharing wallpapers I made featuring beautiful PTU art by Zindy & a wonderful PTU scrap Amongst Friends by Dees'ign Depot. I wanted to celebrate my close friends with the wallpaper.We all have our close friends in life and I am blessed to have a special group of ladies. To save, click on the link to download each.


Wallpaper 1 -1366x768
Download Here

Wallpaper 2 1600x900
Download Here

Scrap Preview

Thursday, January 29, 2015


CT tag featuring the awesome PTU scrap Gabrielle by Foxy's Designz. This scrap is a mix of attitude and girly with the elements. Lots of fun to play with! You can purchase the scrap at Spazzd's store.
Defintely one you will want to pick up.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stupid Cupid

CT tag featuring the punkish PTU scrap Stupid Cupid by Honored Scraps. It is part of a collab with Blue Butterfly Designs. You can purchase the collab at Treasured Scraps. The collab is an anti-Valentine's theme kit and is full of attitude.If you don't like the pink, happy lovey Valentine's kits,then this is just the collab for you.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Always and Forever

CT tags featuring the beautiful PTU mini scrapkit Always and Forever by Honored Scraps. This scrap celebrates love and marriage. Perfect if you are getting married or celebrating an anniversary. This scrap will help you celebrate both perfectly in your digital decorating. You can purchase it at CDO. The bride to be in my tag is pausing a moment to reflect before her big day.


CT tag featuring the stunning PTU gothic scrap Clara by Foxy's Designz. This scrap was made to match the Clara tube by Spazzd. You can purchase both the tube & scrap at the Spazzd store.I love how the tube has lots of layer choices. The scrap is just perfect for the blue & black layers. Defintely a scrap you will use again & again.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Soft, Romantic Love

CT tags featuring the beautiful & sexy PTU pinups of Jessica Dougherty. I am pairing them with the wonderful PTU IB Scrap Jessica Dougherty 27-2 by Monti's Scraps. I love the soft romantic look the combination of them create. I have a PG tag below and an adult tag below. You can purchase the tubes and Ib scrap at CDO.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Alicia Mujica CDO Love

Today I have 3 new CT tags featuring the wonderful & oh so cute Alicia Mujica Exclusives available at CDO. These cuties are all ready for Valentine's Day & love. I am pairing them with the super sweet Scrap Ibs inspired by them. Alicia Mujica Exclusive 10A by Chichi Designz,
Alicia Mujica Exclusive 10B by TKDezigns, Alicia Mujica Exclusive 10C by Ladyhawwk Designs
The scraps are also available at CDO as well.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sara Butcher Color Fairies

CT tags & wallpaper featuring the beautiful PTU art of Sara Butcher. I am using the tube scrap bundle pack 44 featuring her art & the scrap by Honored Scraps. The scrap is a wonderful compliment to the tubes. Very colorful and perfect for spring tags. You can purchase the bundle at CDO. The wallpaper is size 1600x900. Just click on the dowload link for the wallpaper.

Swept Away

We all dream of being swept away by love one day. A prince  or princess to come and sweep us off our feet as fall madly in love. Have you found your true love?  The scrap Swept Away by Hungry Hill celebrates that. You can dream of your own love while creating love  tags with the scrap. You can purchase it at CDO.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


CT tag  & timeline preview featuring the wonderful
PTU scrap Quinn by Amymarie. This scrap is a great mix
of girly & love theme elements. You can purchase the scrap
at her store & the timeline set will be available soon as well.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bullied Heart

Bullied Heart

For everyone who has ever been bullied in their lives.I wanted to do this tutorial because it is
such an important issue in society.

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
January 19,2015
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Tezza Dezignz.
This tube is available at
Mystical Scraps
DBV_Mask 133 by Vaybs
VM Distortion broken mirror Plugin

Open a new image 700x700.
Select your preset shape tool.
Select a heart preset shape.I am
using one that is angled slightly
to the left but its up to you.

Draw out a good sized heart.
Convert to raster.
Select a color on the stroke box
of the materials palette.
Using the fill tool, pour the color onto
the heart shape.

Duplicate the heart shape once.
Fill the copy heart with the color black
or another dark color of choice.

Apply the plugin VM Distortion broken mirror.
Click Randomize a few times to find one you like
with the plugin effects. The settings for the one I used
are Pieces 16 Gap 16 Falling Height 16 Entropy 92
Transparency 0 Mode 92

Choose your font tool. Select a font
of choice and set your fill box on the
materials palette to white. Make sure
stroke width is set to 0 as well.

Now on the heart, type out words
which fit with your tube. Stagger how
they appear on the heart.You will probably have
to do various layers of text to get them arranged as
you want on the heart.Remember to convert each
layer to raster when done with it. Once you have
all the text you want on the heart, merge
the text layers together.

Copy & paste your tube of choice as a new layer.
Arrange so it is sitting by the layers. It should partially
cover them as well.

Draw out a small heart.
Convert to raster.
Select a color on the stroke box
of the materials palette.
Using the fill tool, pour the color onto
the heart shape. Duplicate this heart once.

 Position as wanted on the tag.

Duplicate the bottom layer of the tag. Fill with black
or a dark color of choice. Apply the mask DBV_Mask 133.
Merge group.

Merge layers. Add artist copyright information & name to the tag. Save as png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Love Runs Away

New tag featuring the beautifully gothic PTU art of Robin McQuay. You can find her art available for purchase at Digital Chaos. The tube I am using is called Love Runs Away. This tube embraces the darker side of love .There is a lot of emotion in her eyes revealing her heart
and feelings.

A Lil Fruity Quickpage

New FTU quickpage featuring the delicious PTU scrap A Lil Fruity by Farrah's Designer Scraps. You can find the tasty scrap here for purchase.The quickpage is fullsize and saved in png format.It is for personal use only. A great way to show off spring & summer photos.

You can download the quickpage here

Nothing Is Impossible

CT tag featuring the PTU fantasy art of Rachel Anderson & the 
beautiful matching IB scrap Rachel Anderson 15-3 by Honored Scraps. This scrap is wonderful & you can create such a magical setting for the fairy tube. You can purchase both at CDO.
The scrap is great for creating almost a winter dreamlike setting.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Snow Owl

2 FTU full size quickpages featuring the beautiful FS PTU Snow Owl scrap by Farrah's Designers Scrap.  This scrap has touches of nature and winter in it. The QPs re personal use only and size 3600x3600. They come in png format for easy addition of your photos.You can find the scrap available here for purchase.

Download Quickpages here

Friday, January 16, 2015


CT tag featuring PTU art by Kurama Phoenix
PTU scrap by Rebel Dezigns.
This scrap is a wonderful fantasy theme. I love the shades of blues, purples and turqoise for colors.
You can create a variety of tags with the scrap. Everything is available at CDO for purchase.
The elements of the scrap have an almost dreamlike look  to them.


New CT tags featuring the wonderful PTU art of Ishika Chowdhury. I combined her beauty with the very pretty PTU scrap Ginny by Schnegge which matches the tube. I love how well this scrap matches the the different layers of the tube. I am only using 2 color layers of the tube, which comes with a total of 5 sweater layers. You can find both available at Mystical Scraps for purchase.