Sunday, January 31, 2016


This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
January 31,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube & image by Rebecca Sinz.
I am using her tube Ghost.

VM Natural: Speed
Xero Mistifier
 Xero: Radiance]
EyeCandy4000: Glass
AAA Frames: Foto Frame

Open up your tube & image of choice.
Open up a new image that is the same
size of your tube of choice.

Copy & paste the picture of your tube as a new layer
onto the image for your tag.
Copy the tube layer & paste as a new layer above
the tube picture. Hopefully it pastes directly above
the picture. Duplicate the tube once so you have two layers
of the tube.

On the top tube layer, grab your selection tool
& make sure it is set to rectangle & Add(Shift).
While holding down the shift button, draw out 
around an interesting part of the tube. I started with
the eyes of the tube. Once selected, draw out
around two more areas as well.

Go to the selection menu & click invert.
Press delete on your keyboard. This should leave you with
just the selected areas & the rest of the tube deleted.
Select none.

Now, select the tube layer below on your layers palette.
Apply the plugin VM Natural: Speed
with default settings.Apply the plugin
 Xero: Mistifier twice with default settings.
After doing the Misftifier twice, go to 
Adjust: Blur : Gauassian Blur 3.00.
Lastly, apply the plugin Xero: Radiance
with default settings.

Change the blend mode to screen on the layer.
Lower the opacity to 85% or a desired number.

Back to the top tube layer.
We're going to use the plugin 
EyeCandy4000: Glass. The settings I used are below 
in the screenshot.

Merge layers visible.
Time for the last plugin.
This time we are using AAA Frames:
Foto Frame. Change the width to 8 or 
to a number that looks good on your tag for the frame.

Add copyright information & name to your tag.

Warm Cobbler Love

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of 
Barbara Jensen using her tube
48-1 Peach Cobbler.
This beauty is paired with the 
Comfort Scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs.
A delicateness & femininity
exudes from her. Yet,
underneath that gentle exterior,
is a strength all women possess.

Emerald Affection

CT tag featuring the beautiful pinup
art of Barbara Jensen, with her 
tube 45-3 Wallflower.
I have this beauty paired with
the scrap Affectious by Ladyhawwk Designs.
The emerald jewel colors 
reflect the dimensions of her personality.
Shades of light and dark combine
together in perfect balance within her.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Barrel Of Wine

CT tag featuring the art of Henning Ludvigsen
& the IB Henning Ludvigsen 3-3 Scrap
There is no better way to 
enjoy a glass of wine than
outside in the vineyard the 
grapes were grown in.
At least, that is what she believes.

Cutie Heart

CT tag featuring the art of Pinuptoons
& the IB Marika 19-1 Scrap by
She is ready to try this 
love thing.  Are you
up to showing her some love?

Zombie Love

CT tag featuring the art of Anna Marine
& the IB Anna Marine 41-3 Scrap by Gimptastic Scraps.
She loves to play poker & 
if you play your cards right, you
may win her love. Hmm 
what is Zombie love like I wonder?

Believe In Magic

CT tag & wallpaper featuring art by Alena Lazareva 
& the beautiful scrap When Derika Dreams by Hungry Hill.
Escape to a fantasy-filled realm
 where dreams come alive and are filled with magic. 
A gorgeous scrap for a beautiful spirit & friend.
Curl up on the bed and listen to the whispers
around you. For they will help you unlock
the dreams awaiting you to.
The wallpaper is available in two sizes
1920x1080 here
1440x900 here

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Nothing Haunts

CT tag featuring the art of
Creepie Cuties using her tube
Her heart has recovered from
a heartbreak that hurt her deeply.
But in her recovery, she 
locks her heart away while
remembering the lesson & pain.

Before The Trip

CT tag featuring art by Anna Liwanag 
& IB Anna Liwanag  January 2016
Bonus Scrap by Hungry Hill.
She is enjoying a few 
sweets & a cup of coffee
before she begins her trip today.
After all, packing makes 
a girl hungry.

Monday, January 25, 2016

AOTW Alena Lazareva & Enamorte

This week, we have Alena Lazareva
& Enamorte as AOTW at CDO.
I wanted to feature each one 
as examples of the goodies you
can find in the store. Remember, during
their week as AOTW, the tubes are on sale.
It's a great chance to get new goodies.
Be sure to check out their IB ( Inspired by ) kits as well.
For the timelines I made, I used IB kits 


CT tag featuring art by
Charles Bristow using his tube 
HeartBreaker Rachel. 
I have paired this cupid tube
with the scrap Devoted To You
She is ready to shoot her arrow
but you don't know if it will be
to find love - or to end love.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cupid Cat

CT tag featuring art by Ash Evans
using a retired bonus tube by her.
I am also using the IB Pinuptoons
140-1 Scrap by Gimptastic Scraps.
This sweet messenger of love
is ready to show everyone 
how much she can love.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Delicate Hues

CT tag & wallpaper featuring art by Amy Matthews 
& the scrap Subtle Hues by Ladyhawwk Designs.
A wonderful blend of spring &
feminine elements come alive.
She loves the smell of the flower petals.
All the pretty scents & wonderful smells
make her smile.
The wallpaper is size 1920x1080
& available here

Impossible Unicorn

CT tag featuring the art of Ash Evans
& IB Ash Evans 15-2 Scrap by Honored Scraps.
The winter unicorn is out for a gallop.
Maybe surveying how much snow
has been left from the storm.

& a tag for my unicorn loving friend

Friday, January 22, 2016

Dark Love

CT tags featuring the scrapkit Dark Love
by Chichi Designz. A gothic & anti-love
themed scrapkit  that is great for heartbreak
or tags that are against love.

Creative Touches

CT tag featuring the art of Rebecca Sinz
using her tube Sweet Pea.
I have paired this flower beauty
with the scrap Floating On Air
Art can inspire creativity
to flow in a number of ways.
And sometimes, that creativity
shows it self in the most interesting ways.

Cherish, Dream, Live

CT tag & wallpaper featuring the 
beautiful art of TheVintageAngel™
& a wonderful IB TheVintageAngel™ 12-2
A beautiful kitty wants to 
enjoy life and help you
chase your dreams in life.
She will encourage & calm
you as it is needed. 
The wallpaper is 1920x1080 
& available here.

Burn For You

CT tag featuring the art of 
Enamorte & the 
IB Enamorte 49-3 Scrap by
Rebel Dezigns. I am also
using animation 592 from
the Animation Pack 197 by
Rebel Dezigns. Her passion
burns so hot that she comes
alive with flames. Be careful
though, her anger can burn just
as hot as her love.