Saturday, December 8, 2012

Reindeer Republic

Reindeer Republic

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
December 8 ,2012
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Lollipop Labs
which is available at

No plugins needed but does use
Animation Shop.

Open a 600x250 new image.
Open up your tube of choice.

Fill your new image with a color
of choice from your tube.

Now select your rectangle preset
shape tool.
On your Materials palette,
select the colors to both be
the same color - I used red
for mine.

Now draw out a thin rectangle that
goes across your tag. Convert this
layer to raster. Duplicate this layer 6 times
for a total of 7 layers.
Position in cascading rows along your tag.
Be sure to allow some of your background
layer to peek through between the rows.

Once all the rows are positioned,
choose a different Stroke color on your

materials palette. Fill every other rectangle
row with this color. On my tag I used

white for this part.

Okay back to the Materials palette.
This time choose the same color for
Stroke as the Background. Choose a

smiliar but lighter color for Fill.

Draw out a square on the
left hand side of your tag.
Make sure your width is set at 8.00
Convert to raster.
Resize your tube 80% if needed.

Click inside the square with your
magic wand tool.
Paste your tube as a new layer.
Position as wanted inside the square.
Selections invert & press delete.
Select none.
Add a drop shadow to the tube layer.
2,2,50,5 Black

Back to the rectangle rows layer.
Click on the red rows ( or color of choice )
Hold shift button down while selecting to
keep all the previous rows selected.
Adjust add noise Uniform 75
Select none.

Select your font tool & choose a font
of choice. I used color black for my text

color. Add text of choice to the white
rectangle layers. Convert to raster.

Hide your tube layer for a second.
Merge visible the remaining layers.
Now unhide the tube layer.

Add a new top raster layer.Fill with a color
of choice from your tag. Click this layer

with your magic wand tool.
Selections modify contract by 4.
Press delete. Select none.

Add artist copyright & name to the tag.
If you don't wish to animate, you can also

save. To animate, please continue.

Copy merged & paste into Animation shop

as a new animation.

Now back in PSP, select with your magic

wand, the nose of your tube ( or the part

which you have blinking )
Fill with a darker shade from the original

color.Select none.

Copy merged & return to AS.
Paste after current frame
Edit select all
Animation -Frame properties
Change to 20.
View animation

If happy with the speed of the animation &

everything, then save as gif.
Thanks so much for trying my tutorial!