Monday, March 30, 2015

Wanted Cowgirl

New CT tag featuring a sexy cowgirl Becky by Spazz & an awesome denim cowgirl themed scrap Wanted Cowgirl by Foxy's Designz. You can find the tube available at the Spazz store. The scrap is the perfect place for the cowgirl to let her western love out. She is waiting for her cowboy
to come in from the range. Or maybe he is out catching the outlaws. Her love certainly will
be riding home to see her soon.
The scrap is now available at CDO.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Majestic Splendor Fairy

New CT tag featuring the magical art of Renee Biertempfel & a matching IB scrap Renee Biertempfel 22-3 by Honored Scraps. The scrap captures the colors of the tube and is a wonderful place for the fairy and her friend to play. She has been exploring the woods and happened to find a new friend. You can find both the tube and scrap at CDO.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Day

CT tag & Wallpapers featuring the adorably sweet PTU scrap Easter Day by Foxy's Designz. This scrap celebrates spring and Easter in the colors and elements. A perfect scrap to put you in the Easter mood. The scrap is available for purchase at CDO.

Wallpaper 1600x900

Wallpaper 1920x1080  Here


New CT tag featuring beautiful art by Enys Guerrero & a stunning scrap called Reflections by Hungry Hill.  This scrap is done in shades of creams, greys, silver  with a vintage feel in the elements.  Everyone has times where we reflect on things past or memories we hold dear.Maybe we would of handled a situation differently, or wish we had another chance to change things.  In life, things are not always black and white but shades of grey. You can find everything at CDO for purchase.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bunny Bandage

New CT tag featuring the fantastic art of Anna Marine & a beautiful IB scrap Anna Marine 45-3 by Ladyhawwk Designs. The scrap is a colorful spring theme; just perfect for the girl and her bunny to play in. They are ready for lots of spring adventures.The poor bunny has a bandage for an owie. Maybe it was hopping too much in the flowers and got a booboo.You can find both at CDO for purchase. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Serenade of Self Destruction

CT tag featuring the stunning art of Robin McQuay. I am featuring the tube Serenade of Self Destruction. I love the striking contrasts of the colors of this beauty.The tube sends a message of how we all have a light and dark side - which can at times conflict against one another. We often end up with grays. You can find this tube and others at Digital Chaos for purchase.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Majestic Equine

New CT tag featuring the magical art of Amy Brown & a matching IB scrap Amy Brown 106-3 by Honored Scraps. I love the magical beauty the tube and scrap has. The fairy is ready for a ride on her majestic unicorn. One wonders what adventures they may have on their ride. The scrap compliments the tube wonderfully. You can find both at CDO for purchase.

Steampunk Dreamland

CT tag & wallpaper featuring an awesome Steampunk lady named Scarlett by Spazz. I am also using a matching scrapkit also called Scarlett by Ginnibug Designz. I love the steampunk aspects of both. Also how the scrap is set at night, just reminds me of steampunk dreaming. You can find both at Spazz's store. I also made a wallpaper which is 1600x900 in size.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Forever Floral

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of Jonathon Earl Bowser  and a wonderful IB scrap Jonathon Earl Bowser 1-1 by Ladyhawwk Designs. The scrap is the perfect setting for this beauty to enjoy the floral and plants she is admiring. There is an old world beauty to her. You can find everything at CDO for purchase. Can't you smell the flowers and see the butterflies fluttering about?

Enjoying It All

CT tag featuring art by Charles Bristow & matching scrap Gone Fishin' by MellieBeans. This lady is out camping and needs to catch her dinner. She wants a nice fish to cook over the campfire. With the warmer weather coming, let this tag inspire your camping adventures. You can find everything at Mystical scraps for purchase.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Imagination Bubbles

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Anna Marine & the whimsical IB Scrap Anna Marine 56-1 by Foxy's Designz. The tube and scrap both have a whimsical and springy feel to them. It is whimsical to blow bubbles outside and bubbles make everyone happy. You can find both available 
at CDO for purchase.

Let It Rain

CT tags featuring art of Elisabeth Bell & Robert Alvarado. I couldn't decide which tube I liked better so did a tag w/ each one. I paired the art with the wonderful scrap Let It Rain by Creative Crazy Scraps. A good kit to use on the 1st day of spring I think. They do say April Showers bring May Flowers. We're not quite in April yet but we could use showers. Anyways, you can find everything at CDO for purchase. A great way to enjoy spring if you don't quite have it yet.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mwah Rock

A rocking new CT tag featuring sexy pinup art of Dave Nestler & matching IB scrap Dave Nestler 25-1 by Babycakes. My hubby and I love to go to rock concerts. Our favorite spot is to be by the stage. There is nothing like rocking out to the music of a favorite band at a concert. The energy of the crowd and the band can be amazing!! Iw as reliving those experiences while making this tag.
You can purchase the tube and scrap at CDO.


New CT tag featuring art by Pinuptoons & IB Scrap Pinuptoons 172-2 by TKDezigns.
Both the tube and scrap are adorable and fun. The colors are bright and cheery, as are the elements.
They will make you smile and happy while you use them.  You can purchase them at CDO.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Setting Sun

CT tag featuring whimsical art by Jeff Haynie & a wonderful dreamy PTU scrap Setting Sun by Rebel Dezigns. I love how both have a magical dreamy aspect to them. The scrap captures the ocean at sunset with the colors and elements.The Haynie cat has been up to mischief playing with the fish of the ocean.  You can find everything at CDO for purchase.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Bench

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Alicia Mujica, formerly a  CDO Exclusive tube by her. I am pairing this beauty with the wonderful scrap Loving you by Foxy's Designz. The scrap is the perfect place for this beauty to enjoy a nice spring day. You can find the scrap  at CDO for purchase in the previously released scrap area.

It's A Boy Thing

CT tags featuring the awesome PTU scrap It's A Boy Thing by Honored Scraps. This scrap celebrates race cars and a boy's love of cars. I know my youngest truly loves cars and has a million hot wheels cars. You can find this scrap available for purchase at Treasured Scraps.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


CT tag featuring wonderful art of Rebecca Sinz and a matching scrap called Affection by Honored Scraps. The scrap is perfect for creating a setting for the tube. The tube consists of a beautiful woman and her beloved red pandas keeping her company. The scrap has shades of greys and deep rust reds. You can find the tube & scrap available at Digital Chaos. The scrap is also available at Treasured Scraps.

Angela CT Tags

CT tags featuring the sexy bunny Angela by Ishika Chowdhury, which you can purchase
at Mystical Scraps. This tube is available in 5 different colors. She is a sexy pinup bunny. 
I have used 2 of the color layers in my tags featuring her.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Out Of This World

CT tags featuring art by Joel Adams & Rene Kunert with a very cool scrap called Out Of This World by Monti's Scraps. This scrap is loaded for everything you need for that is space themed for your digital decorating.  Travel to space while you play with the scrap.This lil astronarnt & robot have 
made some alien friends in their travels! You can find everything at CDO for purchase.

Friday, March 13, 2015


CT tag using the wonderful art of Tunchy. For this tag I am using her tube Elvialet. She is a very elegant lady with a touch of modesty or shyness in her look.You can find Tunchy's art for purchase at Mystical Scraps.