Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Retro Gamer

CT timeline set & tag featuring the 
fun-filled scrap Retro Gamer 
Being in a family of Geeks
& Gamers this was a blast to play with.
Have fun while remembering some
of your own favorite games to play.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Cupid Angel

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Charles Bristow
using his tube Brittney Lorraine (Angel). 
She is part of his Cynical Vixen Series.
A series of Valentine Disasters have certainly
made this angel Cynical. Why should
she shoot an arrow when her 
efforts are not appreciated? It's not 
like anyone is going to love her either.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Always & Forever

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of 
Alena Lazareva using the tube 5-3.
I am using her with the wonderful
scrap Always & Forever by Hungry Hill.
With the celebration of her anniversary
approaching, she takes time to revisit
their wedding day. A day full of memories
& a momentous occasion on their journey today.
Today, they share a love that has grown only stronger.

Froggy Love

CT tag featuring wonderful art of
Cuddly Rigor Mortis using tube 85-2.
I am also using the adorable
scrap Froggy Day by Hungry Hill.
These two unlikely friends have
struck up a bond that can't be explained.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


CT timeline set featuring the fantastic art of Rene Kunert
with her tube 6-1 & the
 rocking scrap CDXLIV by Rebel Dezigns.
He is waiting to take the stage to
perform before all of his fans.
There is nothing like performing live
& feeling the energy of the crowd.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Howdy There

Another wallpaper by me for the 
CDO AOTW challenge.
I am using art by  Jessica Dougherty
& the IB Pinuptoons 216-3 Scrap
by  Foxy's Designz. She is waiting 
for her cowboy to come home
& well say Howdy. 
Wallpaper is 1920x1080
& available here.


I did this for the AOTW challenge
over in CDO Facebook group.
For mine, I used the art of Maryline Cazenave
& the IB Maryline Cazenave September 2016
Bonus scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs. Anyone 
that knows me knows I love Halloween.
Just had to visit that time of year again.
The wallpaper is 1920x1080 &
available here.

HugsNKisses Quickpages

CT Quickpage Layouts using the lovely
Full Size Scrap HugsNKisses
by Crystal's Creations. Show your love
for the special ones in
your life. I have the layouts
available without the pics of course.
Download here.


CT tag featuring the fantastic art of Kurama Phoenix
using her tube 10-3. I am also using the 
wonderful scrap Birthstone: Garnet
by Tasha's Playground. As the year 
renews & begins again, time 
takes on a new meaning. Look
deep within yourself and search
your soul. Decide if you wish to
change or remain the same another year.

Thoughtful Afternoon

CT tag featuring the art of Nicole Brune
using her January 2017 Bonus Tube.
With her, I am using the matching
IB Nicole Brune January 2017
Bonus Scrap by Ladyhawwk Designs.
She sits outside on a beautiful afternoon -
pondering her next adventure. Of course,
her furry friend shall accompany her
as always.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Black Swan 2

CT tag featuring the fantastic art of 
Rebecca Sinz using her tube Black Swan.
I am also using a matching scrap
by Honored Scraps also called Black Swan.
It is during her nighttime dances that
she truly shines her brightest. There,
she can set free her own darkness
& truly come alive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dotty For You

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Maryline Cazenave
& the adorable scrap Dotty For You
by Tasha's Playground. While out
shopping for the day, she wants
to look flirty for you. They
can share a cupcake at the local
bakery to finish the day.

Beyond Darkness

CT tag featuring the magical art of Amy Brown
& the wonderful scrap Beyond The Darkness 
by Gimptastic Scraps. When you 
have walked through the darkness,
you find light does exist. You may 
come through with more colors 
to show the world than before 
but you will also be stronger as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Love In Pink

CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Zindy
& the beautiful scrap Romantic Blush
by Irish Princess Designs. She shows
her love in shades of pink. Flowers and 
sweet hearts tucked in to show 
the love everywhere.

Vintage Cupcake

CT tag featuring the beautiful art of Sheena Pike
& matching Ladyhawwk Designs bundle for it.
These sweet girls are enjoying life
& celebrating the moment. A sip
of tea, a sweet cupcake & a 
beautiful flower have 
captivated their attention. 

Fairytale Ending

CT tag featuring the gorgeous art of Rebecca Sinz
using her tube Enchanted Evening.
She is a woman of mystery & discovering
her own fairytale ending. What mysteries
lie within her castle walls? The typical princess
stories do not conform to a woman of
nobility like her.

Lucky Spades

CT tag featuring the pinup art of Elias Chazoudis.
I am using his January 2017 bonus tube.
With her, I am using the Bonus IB
Elias Chatzoudis January 2017 
Scrap by Honored Scraps.
Need a little luck at the 
casino tables? Perhaps 
her Lucky Spades will 
help the cards fall your way.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


CT tag featuring a fantastic 
middle-eastern themed scrap
by Hungry Hill. I am using the 
IB Alena Lazareva June
2016 Scrap. This camel 
is ready to take you to his Oasis.
There you can rest away 
from the sun & heat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Timeless Memories

Have been playing around tonight & made
a tag & wallpaper I thought I would share.
I used the tube Winter Morning by Verymany
& the scrap Telling Stories by Dees'Sign Depot.
Together, you can create such a beautiful
vintage pieces to travel to & visit. 
The wallpaper is 1920x1080 & 
available here for download.


CT tag featuring the wonderful art of Pinuptoons
& the scrap Clarity by Honored Scraps.
Take time to remember what matters the 
most in your life. For that is where
you will find the why you continue
to battle through the difficulties of life.