Monday, October 22, 2012

Why We PSP Tag

I was reading an article in Game Informer Magazine about Why people play video games. We are a big gamer household. But I couldn't help but think as I read it that a lot of the points it makes can be applied to
the PSP Tagging Community as well.

The article says that games help fill several real world human needs..that exist in all of us.The first reason why is a need for competence. Humans tend to look for control or feel mastery over a situation. People like to feel successful and like we are accomplishing something in our goals. Think about the last difficult tutorial or animation that you did. Or when you learned a new tool or skill in PSP. That sense of accomplishment that you's along that line.

The second need is for autonomy. We all want to remain independent and have a certain amount of control over our actions. Now we all know how opinionated and voiceful everyone can be in the PSP world. Yet we all want to be ourselves and have our own tag style... a true sense of SELF.It would be easy to lose ourselves and all create tags that are alike in style. Yet we don't. Everyone brings their talent & style to the tagging community and we embrace them for their uniqueness.

The last need is for related-ness. We want to feel and believe that we matter to other human beings; that we are making a difference in some way in the world. This one is probably the biggest one which applies to the Tag Community. All of us have made friends in the community. We all have acquaintances as well. Yet each person has a close inner circle which we keep closer than everyone else. Socialization is an integral part of PSP Community. We all want to share our creations & see what everyone thinks of them. To be accepted for our tag ability and for who we are as people.

The PSP Tag Community brings people together from around the world. By bringing us together, it allows us all to fulfill human needs, make friends & be creative.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Elegant Woman Microtut

Tube by Bonnies Creations

Scrap Oh Naturel by
Leigh Penrod Heartfelt Perfections
Heartfelt Perfections

Lady Of the Stars Microtut

Tube by Renee Lavoie available at

Scrap Majestic by Honored Scraps

Mask 43 MB and SW by
Moonbeams and Spiderwebs

Friday, October 5, 2012

Nevermore Halloween Snags

Sharing a couple snag tags I did today. I used a collab kit called Nevermore.
You can purchase the scrap at