Saturday, June 16, 2012

Angel Whispers

Angel Whispers

This tutorial was written
by Sarah Fiack on
June 15,2012
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
For this tutorial, I’m using
a tube by Zindy S.D. Nielsen
You can purchase this tube at
her store

Tube of choice
Scrap of choice
I am using a PTU one called
Dark vs Light by CBJ
Mask Tresemask 033

Open a 600x600 new image.
Open a tube & scrap supplies of choice.

Copy & paste your main tube as
a new layer.
Add a drop shadow to the tube.
2,2,50,5 Black.

Open a flower element branch.
Resize 70%.
Erase the branch part of the element.

Copy & paste as new layer.
Move this layer underneath your main
tube in your layer palette.

Positon so that it appears your tube
is on the flowers.
Duplicate the flowers once & mirror.

Oepn a leaf circle frame.
Resize 70%.
Paste on the bottom layer of the tag.

Select a scrap paper of choice.
Paste on the bottom layer of the tag.
Apply the mask
Tresemask 033
Merge group.
Duplicate the mask layer once.

Open a clock element.
Resize 40% & 80% once each.
Paste behind your tube on the left side
of your tag.You want it slightly to the side
of your main tube.

Open a scattering of flowers element.
Resize 40%.
Paste along the right bottom top of the tag.
Add the earlier drop shadow to the flower layer.

Open a stone element.
Resize 50%.
Paste underneath the scattered flowers layer.

Open a bird element.
Resize 50% twice.
Paste on the bottom left side of the tag.

Open a heart ribbon element.
Resize 25%.
Paste under the clock element.
You want the heart to be visible &
hanging from the clock.

Add a text of choice.
I chose the words Angel Whispers.
It is entirely optional & you can change text
to fit your tag.
Add the same drop shadow we used earlier.

Merge layers visible.
Resize 88%.
Add artist copyright info & name.
Save as png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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