Saturday, February 4, 2017

Soft Emo

This tutorial was written
February 3, 2017
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Marika.

Plugins & Programs:
Paint Shop Pro X2
Xero: Soft Mood

Open a 500x500 new image
Open up your tube of choice 
& resize if needed to fit onto
your image. Copy & paste
as a new layer.

Duplicate the layer two times.
On the first copy layer, mirror
this layer.
On the 2nd copy layer , resize 95%
and add a subtle drop shadow of choice.
Hide this layer for now.

Merge the original tube layer
& the 1st copy layer together.
Duplicate this layer once.
On the original merged layer,
go to Adjust - Blur - Gauassian
& apply a 15.00 blur.

Now on the merged copy layer, apply
Xero: Soft Mood Plugin with default settings.
Lower the opacity on this layer to 70 & 
leave the blend mode set to normal.

Now, go to the Effects - Art Media Effects-
Colored Pencil - and select the Soft Color
option under the Settings tab. Click Okay.

Unhide the layer you hide earlier 
now that we are done with the other layers.

Select your font tool & choose a font which 
matches well with your tag. Choose a color which
matches with your tag colors.Type out a word 
or two for your tag. I used the words " soft emo ".
Convert to raster. Arrange as wanted on your tag.
Change the blend mode to Overlay.

Crop your tag layers to desired size.
Add artist copyright info & a name to your tag.
Save as png. Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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