Wednesday, October 26, 2016


 This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
October 26,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Pinuptoons.

EyeCandy4000 Gradient Glow

Open a 700x700 new image.
Select your tube image of choice.

Select your preset Rectangle shape tool.
Make sure to set it to the Square shape option.
On your Materials Palette, hide your Foreground/
Stroke Color Palette box. On the Background/Fill
Choose a dark color from your tube for the color.

Now with the shape tool, draw out a square shape
to the desired size you want for it. 
Objects - Align - Center in Canvas. Convert this
layer to raster.

Choose your Ellipse preset shape tool.
Now select the circle shape option on it.
On your Materials Palette, change the 
color to white. 

Draw out a small circle shape. Convert to raster.
Duplicate this layer four times for a total of five
layers. Arrange around the square as wanted.

Merge the circle layers together.
Select the square layer with your magic wand tool.
Selections - invert.
On the circle layer, press delete on your keyboard.
Select none.

Merge the two shape layers together.
Go to Effects - 3D Effects - Inner Bevel.
Select the Bevel option 3 & click okay.

Paste your tube as a new layer. Arrange on
the shape layer as wanted. 

Back on your Materials palette, choose a 3rd 
color of choice from your tube for the Background color.
Leave the Foreground color hidden still.

On your Preset shape tool, choose a heart or shape
of choice that fits your tag. I chose to use a heart shape.
Draw out one small heart along your shape layer.
Convert to raster & duplicate once - mirror. Position
this layer as wanted on the tag.

Add a subtle drop shadow the small shape layer we just made.

Select your font tool. Choose a font of choice.
Near the bottom of your tag, click with your mouse
to bring up the text box. Type out a word or two that
fits your tag. I used POLKADOTS for mine.
Once you are happy with the size, convert to raster.

We're going to apply a Gradient Glow to the word now.
Select the plugin EyeCandy4000 Gradient Glow - using
the color setting Fat & Glow width 3.00.

On Materials palette, go back to the earlier dark color that you
used on the square shape. 
Now back to the Rectangle shape tool. Draw out a narrow horizontal
rectangle. Convert to raster. You want part of it to stick out from
behind the left side of the word. Duplicate this layer once 
& move to the right side as wanted. I did position one near the top &
the other one on the bottom half of word.

Back to our merged shape layer. Duplicate this layer once.
Resize the copy layer 45%. Move this layer to the top left corner
& partially behind the orginal shape layer. You want it coming out from
behind the layer. Duplicate the copy layer once. Move this to the diagonal
right bottom corner. Position so it is coming out on the side of the big layer.

Merge layers visible & crop to desired size.
Add artist copyright information to the tag & save
as a png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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