Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blue Glass

This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
May 25,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Robin McQuay.
The artist does not sell tubes anymore but you
can find her artwork here.
The tube I used is an exclusive to Creative Misfits Forum.

Plugins & Programs:
Paint Shop Pro X2
VM Stylize - Square Blur
VM Distortion - Distortion by Hue
Eye Candy 4000 Glass

Open up a 700x700 new image. Select a tube to use
of choice. Resize the tube if needed. I resized mine 85%.
Copy & paste the tube as a new layer onto your image.

Select your rectangle preset shape tool. Width 5.00.
On your Materials palette, select a color from your 
tube for the fill color & hide the stroke color for now.
Draw out a rectangle close in size to your tube - vertical or 
horizontal depending on the tube you are using. Convert to raster.

Position so the rectangle comes up behind part of the tube.
Merge the tube & shape layer together & duplicate once.
On your layers palette, select the duplicate copy layer we just made.
Apply the plugin VM Stylize - Square Blur with the default settings.

Now apply the plugin VM Distortion - Distortion by Hue using the settings
Strength 33
Direction 219
Chaos 127
Intensity 77

Next, we're going to apply Eye Candy 4000 Glass. Go to settings
& select the option Clear Glass. We are going to use the default settings for it. Now we are going to add another slight bevel to it. Go to Effects -3D Effects Inner Bevel & select the option 2 & leave settings as is. You can change color if you wish. I used white on mine.

Move the copy layer below the original tube/shape layer. 
On the original layer, lower the opacity to 71 and set the blend
mode to soft light. 

Copy and paste your tube once again. If needed, position so
it lines up with the rest of the layers. On this layer, set the blend 
mode to soft light & leave opacity at 100.

Select your font tool. Choose a font of choice for your tag &
a color for the text. Type out a word or two to fit your tag. For mine,
I used the words Always Blue. Convert to raster. I chose to rotate
the words right 90. You can do this by going to Adjust - Free Rotate.
Just make sure the rotate all layers is not checked. Once rotated, move to
position you want the text in on your tag.
I also applied the earlier Inner Bevel to the text layer & a drop shadow
of choice.

Merge layers together & resize as needed. Crop to desired size.
Add artist copyright information & name to the tag. Save as png.
Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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