Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thought Bubble

This tutorial was written
by Wicked Cupcake on
April 7,2016
Any resemblance to another
tutorial is purely coincidental.
I am using a tube by Hannah Lynn
at CDO

Plugins & Programs:
Paint Shop Pro X2
Mura's Meister Copies
 Xero: Porcelain

Open up a tube of choice.
Open a 700x700 new image.

On your Materials palette, hide
the foreground color. Choose a color
from your tube for the background color.
Choose your preset shape tool.
Select a thought bubble shape.

Duplicate the bubble layer one time.
Resize this layer 50%. Unhide the 
Foreground color on your Materials palette.
With your Flood fill tool, give the bubble
copy layer another color from your tube.
Arrange the layer as wanted on the larger bubble.
Duplicate the bubble copy & fill with another color.
Position in a different spot on the larger bubble.
I repeated this step two more times for four
different smaller bubble colors.

Merge the smaller bubbles together once you have
them arranged as wanted on the larger bubble. 
Paste your tube as a new layer. Duplicate the tube

On the original tube layer, apply the plugin
Mura's Meister Copies:  Wallpaper Rotate.
Apply Xero: Porcelain default settings.
Duplicate this layer one time. Now go to 
Adjust - Blur - Gauassian 4.00

Position your main tube as wanted on the 
large thought bubble.
With your magic wand tool, select the
large bubble. Selections - invert.
Go through the other layers & press delete
on your keyboard one time for each layer.
Select none. This should remove any parts of
the layers which extended beyound the bubble area.

On the bottom wallpaper layer, change the blend mode
to Overlay. On your layers palette, select the 2nd wallpaper
layer. Now choose your font tool and a font of choice. For my text color I used a whiteish color but you can select one of choice.
Type out a word or words of choice. Position across from
the main tube on your tag.  Once you are happy with the wording,
convert to raster & set this layer's blend mode to Overlay or one of choice.

On your layers palette, hide the background layer. Merge the rest of the layers visible. Duplicate once. On the bottom tag layer, go to 
Adjust - Blur - Gauassian 4.00. This will help soften the edge of the 
bubble on the above layer.

Crop your tag to desired size. Add artist copyright information
& name. Save your tag as a png. Thanks for trying my tutorial. 

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